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Dog Training

Fun and positive training to help turn your troubled companion into a good pet

We believe in the power of positive, force-free training to create greater communication and camaraderie with your canine companions.




Are you tired of repeating the same things to your dog over and over again?


Are you always saying "sit, Sit, SIT!!" when you're out with your pup?

There is a better way!

At Good Pets, we use positive reinforcement training, along with the benefits of science-based,

fear-free methods, to help your dog learn WHAT TO DO rather than what NOT to do.  This type of training not only helps teach your dog basic good manners, but also improves the success of any future training. 

We do not use shock, prong, choke, or electronic collars.  


We believe in a kinder, gentler approach, and we constantly educate ourselves on the latest,

up-to-date methods to ensure the best results and most positive experience for you and your pup.

Most importantly, our methods will help keep the relationship between you and your dog strong.  After all, a well-trained pet is a good pet... and who doesn't like Good Pets?

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